To be competitive manufacturer for providing efficient and quality solution for alloyed hardware through constant innovation and mutually beneficial alliences, with a strong commitment to safety and environment.


To be adaptive, client oriented and socially responsible organization working towards total customer satisfaction.

To provide best quality products, on time delivery and services to customer which will help them to excel in their markets.


To maintain a long lasting relationship with customers with constant feedback for betterment of our services.


To sustain our Vision by constant technological advancements, best business practices, strongly implemented environment and safety practices and being a socially responsible unit.


To provide a safe, comfortable and growth inducing work environment to employees which which encourages them to be highly productive and help them grow personally and professionally.

Our Values

Empire Alloys Values

We measure our success in terms of value and satisfaction we provide to our customers. We can provide the difference that counts. Our core values make us what we are and have played a pivotal role in shaping us and our work ethics. These are-

No compromise in quality- We make every effort to ensure that each product of ours meets international standards and is of brilliant quality. Product development is undertaken after complete research and study by the experts.

Transparent organization- Every transaction is transparent and clear and the company meets all standards of quality assurance. This makes us one of the most sought after names in the industry and encourages us to up our standards.

To be fair and just to all our partners- This pillar of our philosophy is vital to the growth and dealings with our diverse partners. We ensure that all our partners get quality products at competitive prices.

Environment Policy

Empire Alloys is committed to identify, address and regulate the operations which may have adverse effects on environment.


Invest and rely on renewable energy whenever possible.


Empire Alloys will comply to the environment legislation and create awareness amongst its employees through seminars and trainings.

Healthy & Safety Policy

Empire Alloys is committed to provide a healthy and safe work environment to its employees.

All process and systems are analyzed for Health and safety implication and mandatory training of employees.


Employees are encouraged to report any unsafe practices through out the premises and immediate actions are taken.