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Every great journey starts with a single step. This is quite appropriate in emerging of Empire Alloys Pvt Ltd way back in the year 1992 as a very small production unit with commitment and dedication to cater all varied consumers of the market of the day. Empire Alloys Pvt Ltd, India has emerged into a fine premiere production industry in this small span of time producing Split Bolts, Brass Split Bolt Connectors, Line Tap, and Conduit Fittings, as well as our other brass components along with our main product brass, split bolts. Endless patronage of the valued customers like you, all is the inspiration of perfection in designing and manufacturing of the products to meet all your needs.

On Time Delivery

Quality and customer satisfaction are our primary goals. For that, we maintain timely delivery of Brass Products because we value time the most.


To manufacture and Export good quality Brass Products we regularly maintain the machinery and deliver products with total accuracy.

Quality Products

Production facilities to cater our services to our client. We deliver the quality that meets world standards, through our product our commitment and excellence reflects.

Customer Satiscation

A team focused on providing exceptional customer service and quality excellence. We understand exactly what customers want and fulfill their requirements.

Leading Brass Manufacturer company in Jamnagar

The company has all the necessary tools and devices to manufacture quality products. We trained our staff to assure the perfection in every product. Thus qualified and trained persons manufacture our products. We manufacture in hole gauge, degree gauge, length gauge, thread gauge and lot gauge.


Our profesional services for all business and world wide clients.


We emphasize on increasing our facilities, testing procedures & other resources, which adds value to our customer friendly policy.

Material & Plating

For manufacturing products, we use Copper, Gun Metal, Bronze, S. S., Brass, Aluminum material and as per customer requirement.


Equipment such as Ring Gauge, Plug Gauge, Degree Gauge, Mitutoyo Vernier, Outside Micrometer, Torque Test Machine are used for appropriate size.


We take proper care while packing the products. We deliver products in PVC Bag, Thermal PVC Tray for a small part, Plain Box, etc.

Our Products

in wide range