Round Split Bolts

Round Split Bolts

Empire Alloys  the full range of 

Round Split Bolts

 suitable for connecting and jointing a wide range of stranded copper earthling conductors – no specialist tools are required for installation. The range taking mechanical connectors provide excellent earth connections for copper stranded cables and conductors in main and tap formation without resort to use of crimping tools.These

Round Split Bolts

type connectors are manufactured from Gunmetal (a high copper alloy) and can connect earth cables.

Round Split Bolts

are commonly used in grounding applications, such as in lightning protection systems and electrical grounding systems. In these systems, the connectors are used to join the grounding wires and other components together, creating a complete circuit that provides a path for electricity to flow to the ground. The use of

Round Split Bolts

in grounding applications allows for a secure, reliable connection that can withstand the high currents and voltages associated with electrical grounding and lightning protection.

Mechanical connections called

Split Bolt Connectors 

are used to connect two or more electrical conductors or wires. They are made up of a nut and a bolt with a split barrel. After inserting the conductors into the split barrel, the nut is tightened, securely fastening the conductors. An effective and long-lasting electrical connection is provided by this design.

Round Split bolts applications:

Electrical Distribution:

To connect wires and cables in switch gear, distribution panels, and circuit breakers, split bolt connectors are frequently used in electrical distribution systems.

Providing a secure pathway for electrical defects to dissipate into the ground, they are crucial for grounding applications.

Round Split bolts are excellent for splicing wires together since they enable the connecting of various wire types and diameters.

Outdoor Wiring:

Round Split bolts are appropriate for outdoor and underground wiring installations where moisture and environmental conditions are a concern due to their strong design.

High Voltage Applications:

Round Split bolts are frequently preferred in high-voltage applications because of their capacity to safely manage significant electrical loads.

Round Split Bolts


  • High electrical and mechanical characteristics with thread stamped that allows its application of high torque.
  • High strength Cu alloy.
  • Special Cu alloy corrosion and cracking resistant.

The wires are then inserted into the split in the bolt, making sure that they are positioned correctly. The bolt is then tightened using a wrench or other tool, which squeezes the connector onto the wires and creates a secure connection. Once all the connections are made, the grounding system is ready to be tested and activated.

In addition to their use in grounding applications, split bolt connectors may also be used in other parts of the system, such as in the wiring of the buildings and structures that are being protected. These connectors are commonly used in a variety of applications where a secure, reliable connection between wires is needed.

Round Split Bolts

may be used in the grounding of fences. In a fencing application, the split bolt connectors may be used to connect the grounding wires to the fence itself, or to connect the fence to other grounding components, such as grounding rods or surge protectors.


Round Split bolts can they be reused?

Yes, split bolt connectors are typically reusable. However, it’s essential to inspect them carefully before reuse to ensure there is no damage or corrosion that could compromise the connection’s integrity.

Can aluminum conductors be connected with Round Split bolts?

Yes, there are split bolt connections made of aluminum that are specifically made for use with aluminum conductors. Use the appropriate connector type to avoid compatibility problems.

Can underground applications use Round Split bolts?

Split bolt connections can be used in underground applications, but it’s important to use ones that are appropriate for the climate and offer adequate insulation as well as defense against corrosion and moisture.

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